Why Robotic Pool Cleaners Are A Must Have For Pool Owners

Robotic pool cleaners are pretty expensive, a fact that scares a lot of pool owners. But with the wide variety of benefits that these robotic devices offer, it’s hard to imagine cleaning the pool without them. If you want to find out which are the reasons why robotic pool cleaners are a must have for pool owners in order to decide whether you should buy one or not, read the following lines.

They clean the entire pool without needing your help

What makes robotic pool cleaners so popular despite their high price is the fact that they clean the pool without needing help. Therefore, while this robotic cleaning device tends to filter the water in your pool and cleaning the pool’s surfaces of debris, you can lay back and relax. This is especially great for those who don’t have a lot of free time to enjoy, cleaning the pool being the last thing that they want to do when they arrive home from work or in the weekend. If you read some automatic pool cleaner reviews on roboticpoolcleaner.reviews, you will see that the best-rated pool cleaning robots can clean not only the floor but also the walls and the waterline of the pool, and a few select models can even climb steps and navigate obstacles, so they don’t require any effort on your part.

As such, we recommend the Premier 2016 Dolphin as being one of the best choices available on the market. According to the information provided in the dolphin premier review, this innovative pool cleaner uses not one but 4 different types of media to perform the optimal cleaning of your pool water. Thanks to the powerful motor that sucks in debris and the pool scanning feature, the cleaning is done in an organized way to prevent power waste and to ensure every inch of the pool remains clean.

They help prolong the life of the pool’s main filtration system

Robotic pool cleaners help prolong the life of the pool’s main filtration system due to the fact that they effectively remove the debris from the pool’s water and surfaces, leaving little work for the filtration system. Also, they don’t rely on the main filtration system at all to operate, further helping prolong the system’s life.

They reduce the need for adding chemicals to the pool

The pool’s water needs to be super-chlorinated once per week for the harmful bacteria and germs that reside in it not to harm the people that use the pool. The need for chemicals in home pools is normally extremely high. But if you have a robotic pool cleaner, this need will be reduced considerably due to the fact that the device will effectively filter and remove the germs and bacteria that reside in the pool’s water.

They are energy efficient

As opposed to the main pool filtration system that consumes a lot of energy to run, the robotic pool cleaners cost less than 5 cents per hour to operate. This makes them an energy efficient option to go with, being ideal for those who want to cut back on their bills and those who care for the environment.

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