Which is the perfect place for organising your event?

Are you tired of organising your events in a restaurant or another place like that? Do you want something that you can decorate in your own way? Why don’t you try a marquee? They are very fashionable lately, especially in places like UK. And if you do not have any clue where you can find some, you should try http://www.cameoeventhire.co.uk/, a place that not only offers you some high quality marquees, but also the catering equipment.

Which are the benefits of choosing a marquee for your event?

  • First of all, you can offer your guests the opportunity to spend time outside and inside. For example, if it is going to rain, everybody will stay inside the marquee. But if the weather is fine, they can go to outside and enjoy the fresh air. Usually, marquees can be found somewhere in the middle of nature, far away from the city.
  • Secondly, as it was said before, you can decorate your marquee in a friendly and original way, without asking for the help of a designer, or you can choose one which is already decorated. But make sure that the decorations can be matched with the theme of the event. Also, give attention to small details such as the lightening system because it can highly influence your mood.
  • Moreover, another advantage of a marquee is that it can be used for a large variety of events such as business meetings, wedding parties, anniversaries and the list may continue.
  • Last but not least, usually a marquee has enough space even for dancing.

Which are the main decorations which should not be missed from a marquee?

  • The most important ones in this case are the tables and chairs. And the main rule is that they should be comfortable enough for your guests. Maybe, you should try putting a pillow on the chair.
  • White linen. The linen is very important because it can change the appearance of the whole marquee. And a good solution in this case is keeping it white. Even if white can get easily dirty, it can be also harmoniously matched with the rest of the items.
  • Crockery and cutlery. Firstly, you should make sure that they are enough for everyone. The same thing happens in the case of glass. And if you want to impress your guests, you should try porcelain and silver.
  • Nothing can indicate more an elegant dinner than a set of candles. Light them when it gets dark and the atmosphere will be more intimate.

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