What about investing in a café-theatre?


Are you looking for a creative idea of business that will make you a successful business man or woman? Why don’t you try investing in a “café-theatre”? What is that more precisely? Well it is a place where you can invite actors to play while people enjoy their cup of coffee. In fact, you can call it your small theatre and trust us when we say that people will definitely enjoy the whole experience.

Some reasons that should determine you to invest in a café-theatre:

  • People are tired of the ordinary places where they have to drink their tea or coffee. They want something different. And in UK you can find them all. Of course, we do not have to pretend that you will be the only one on the market when it comes to a café-theatre, because you won’t. But you can come with some good marketing strategies that can attract people.
  • Theatrical performances are still popular, due to the fact that when people want to forget about their problems and worries, they like to go to theatre and enjoy a good show. Usually the characters from the plays can create an imaginary world which is able to impress spectators.
  • Despite plays, you can organise concerts and you can use the same stage. This means that you have a wide variety of options which can be used for attracting spectators.

What do you need for your small café-theatre?

There are some investments that you will have to make in order to create a café-theatre and here they are the most important of them:

Safety comes first. Therefore, you need safe stages services. This means that you will have to call the professionals and ask them to check all the stage equipment in order to make sure that nothing bad is going to happen. Just think about all those accidents which happened during a theatre play because people were too neglectful.

And speaking of stage, you will have to build one. But our advice is to think rationally and invest only in a small one. You do not need some big. Also, one of the most important parts when it comes to a stage is the curtain. It is used for helping the actors prepare themselves for the show and it marks the beginning or the ending of a play act.

Last but not least, do not forget about promoting your business. You need some good marketing strategies and maybe by offering people some good discounts when it comes to tickets, you can become successful. Also, try to collaborate with theatre students who will like to come and play in your café.

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