The Most Stylish Tower Fans that Keep Your Home Cool

Besides being very efficient in cooling the indoor air, tower fans can make for great decorations thanks to the interesting shape they com in. The following models make you wonder whether they are home appliances or stylish decorations designed to complement the interior design of your home. Check them out and discover how you can enjoy a tower fan that combines utility and the pleasant design.

DeLonghi DETF121 Tower Fan

At first glance, this tower fan looks like a metal pole with a stylish black grid on the front. It’s very slim so you can easily fit it in any corner of your house and the brushed metal design best matches modern home interiors. As for convenience, this unit offers 3 fan speeds to adjust to your personal needs, a countdown timer so you can set it to work for either 2, 4 or 8 hours, and 3 oscillation angles from 60 degrees to 180 degrees. The innovation comes with the Rhythm Wind function that creates a pleasant natural wind feeling.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Available in black with chrome accents, gray or white, this sleek tower fan is the embodiment of versatility and performance. The 3 fans placed vertically along the tall housing are independently controllable on 3 speed levels, thus offering 9 levels of cool air flow. The eye-capturing design goes hand in hand with the advanced operating, making this tower fan a great choice for any home. On top of the device, there is an LED touch screen that enables you to customize the air flow.

Goldair Air Stream Bladeless Tower Fan

Keep your home cool this summer with this bladeless tower fan that boosts an interesting and unique design. It offers 4 speed settings so you can customize the cool air from a soft breeze to a full air current and there is also the option of oscillation for a spread air flow. The sleek stainless steel housing hides an advanced technology that uses no blades to create a constant cool air flow. Every selection available, including the programmable timer, are located on the LED display that ensures ease of use.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

When it comes to style and innovation, nothing beats the Dyson AM tower fans that feature the most interesting design and the latest technology in terms of creating cool air. AM stands for Air Multiplier, which is the technology used by this stylish tower fan available n a variety of sizes and shapes. The AM 07 includes features like a programmable timer, 3 adjustable speed settings, and an oscillation feature designed to spread the cool air on a wider area.

The Honeywell hy 048bp

Who says that a stylish tower fan has to be expensive? The Honeywell hy 048bp tower fan costs only $59,99. Moreover, not only is this tower fan very stylish, but it also has some very cool features. According to the Honeywell hy 048bp review posted on, this device is ideal for cooling small and medium sized rooms. It has temperature controls and a 12 hour timer. It even has a remote control. What more could you want from such an efficient and affordable cooling fan?

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