The engagement ring – real life secrets that nobody tells you

Women do not understand the roller coaster of emotions that men go through while shopping and picking out an engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring is not their day to day shopping experience and this is why it is probably the first time that they go through this experience. It happens to all men, really. In spite of the joy that results from popping the big question, most men wished they had someone help them through the process. Although you will see for yourself, there are a couple of things that should be passed along to those who are on the way of looking at diamond engagement rings London.

Break from the tradition  

The traditional rule of thumb said that men should spend between one to three month’s salary on the engagement ring. But taking into account the fact that priorities have shifted, this rule is not valid anymore. The truth is that most women do not want their men to spend that much money on a ring. You should make it a personal decision based on the importance of the jewellery to the fiancée. Diamonds as well as a traditional gold or silver bracelet are no longer socially acceptable. There are affordable alternatives to expensive gold that you can try like stainless steel, turquoise and onyx. Besides non-traditional metals, you can consider unconventional channels. For instance, if you access auctions, you can get great deals. Even though you may not find what you are looking for, you can have the diamond remounted.

Carefully listed when she talks about jewellery

If you are genuinely thinking about popping the question, then you should become interested in conversations about jewellery. You should pay attention to any hint you can get, whether it is that she likes the vintage style of her friend’s engagement ring or what she has pinned to her inspiration board. If you do not have sufficient information, but you have discussed the issue of marriage, you can even take the day off to go ring shopping together. However, this does not mean that you should walk into the nearest store and just hand in the credit card and propose there.

Learn the 4C’s by heart  

If you are set on a diamond, then you should get acquainted with the 4C’s: clarity, carat, colour and cut. Clarity refers to the subtle characteristics that can be observed only through magnification. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, but they are highly valuable. Carat means the weight of the diamond, while colour refers to the hint of colour of the diamond. Finally, cut represents the placement, number and shape of the facets. The importance of each C largely depends on your fiancées preferences. Does she like a lot of brightness or some fire? If the answer is yes, then you should focus more on the cut.

You will be exhausted when it is time to propose

So, you did your homework, you shopped around and you found a winner. After all of this is over, you will definitely want to get the ring out of your hands. However, it is far from being over. You only have one opportunity to get things right, so you should make it count. While it does not have to be something elaborate, you should still come up with a plan that she will love.


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