The Easy Way to Cut Down or Quit Alcohol


Contrary to common assumption, you don’t have to be in need of alcohol addiction rehab in Kent to benefit from more sensible, modest drinking habits.  Various studies over recent years have comprehensively confirmed the fact that most of those who consume alcohol in the UK consume far too much of it.  Which is something of a paradox, given the way in which public awareness of the dangers of alcohol has never been greater.

But what makes it even more interesting is the way in which more people than ever before also openly admit that they know they drink too much and would like to cut down. Nevertheless, given the way in which alcohol has become part and parcel of their everyday lifestyle, they see it as difficult or even impossible to do so.

In reality, cutting down alcohol consumption doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as most assume.  It all comes down to the way you approach it, which will determine whether or not you succeed. So if you’re one of millions who’d like to cut down at least a little but can’t seem to make it happen, the following tips from the experts could certainly help:

1. Stop Treating It as a Punishment

First and foremost, you absolutely must stop thinking of cutting down as something of a punishment. This is the first and biggest mistake made by pretty much anyone trying to cut down alcohol consumption across the board.  Rather than seeing it as something beneficial and maybe even a challenge to enjoy, you instead see it as an evil punishment you inflict upon yourself. As such, you are fundamentally more likely to fail, while at the same time getting little to no joy out of the process whatsoever. If you can convince yourself that what you are doing is positive and beneficial, you will instantly stand a much better chance of making it stick.

2. Team Up with Others

If you are the only person out of a group of say 20 who has made the decision to cut down or quit, you’re in for rough ride. Especially if you happen to be the kind of social type who spends time surrounded by friends and family members who drink. Going it alone is never easy, which is precisely why experts across the board recommend teaming up with at least one other person. There are two reasons for this – one of which being the way in which you can support and assist each other along the way. The second being that if you are in any way competitive, you are far less likely to slip if it means in caring the embarrassment of your counterpart/s outperforming you.

3. A Friendly Wager

Also a good idea for those who are somewhat on the competitive side of things is to establish something of a friendly wager. For example, you could go around any number of friends and family members and ask each of them to place say £10 on the likelihood or otherwise of you successfully quitting alcohol for X amount of time. If you fail, you have to pay each of them £10 and end up significantly out of pocket.  If you succeed, they only have to hand over £10 each but you yourself end up with a seriously healthy profit.  It may be a way of materialising positive habits that some don’t agree with, but the simple fact of the matter is…it works!

4. Out of Reach

One of the most obvious pointers to follow at all times is that of keeping yourself as far away from alcohol as possible. Clearly, if you have vast quantities of your favourite alcoholic beverages around the home, you are going to find it significantly more difficult to say no. Likewise, if you spend time hanging around the kinds of bars and clubs where 99% of the occupants are drinking somewhat obsessively, you might find it difficult or even impossible to abstain.  By contrast, the more difficult it is for you to get hold of alcohol at any given time, the less likely you are to do so.

5. Stay Busy

Last but not least, despite the fact that you may not have an addiction by medical definitions, there is still one important rule that applies to all cases across the board. When you are looking to kick any given habit for positive reasons, your worst enemy above all others is boredom.  The reason being that not only does booze represents an obvious and easy way of combating boredom temporarily, but boredom are in general is a great way of clouding your decisions and acting as you otherwise wouldn’t.


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