Features that Make Flat Irons Great Styling Products

Although every flat iron does the same thing, which is styling hair, the quality and functionality of each model is determined by the features it includes and the results offered. The secret to choosing a great unit is to know what to look for in every model and this implies knowing the details that make the difference. There are many models available on the market and from our research, Remington s9500pp is one of the best when coming to offer you the most interesting and useful features. Now let’s see which are the features you have to look for when you decide to buy a hair straightener.

Plates size

Flat irons come in a wide array of sizes that match any hair type and length. You can choose a slim 1-inch version that is perfect for styling short hair and for straightening the hair or for when you need to create delicate and soft curls. Larger plates of 2 inches in size are great for straightening coarse and long hair and can help you add volume to your hair.

Quality plates

The material the plates are made of add to the benefits of using a flat iron. Most models come with ceramic plates that take good care of your hair and minimize the damaging effects of the heat applied to your hair. You can forget about frizzy hair with the latest technologies that secure the moisture inside the hair and prevent heat damage. The latest flat irons have tourmaline-infused plates that release negative ions that make sure your hair doesn’t suffer from the heat exposure.

Adjustable temperature

Another great feature of flat irons is the temperature control that enables you to select the desired temperature that you will apply to your hair. Nevertheless, the heat used by flat irons is the main concern and by choosing the right temperature for your hair type, you will achieve great hairstyles with minimum damage to the hair. Choose units with LCD displays that show you the exact temperature you use on your hair.

Ergonomic shape

Flat irons are extremely easy to handle due to the comfortable shape and the slim handle that allows you to have a firm grip. You can easily straighten or curl your hair using only one hand as you no longer have to use a hair blower or a hair brush. You simply grab the flat iron and easily maneuver it with one hand. Moreover, an easily maneuver flat iron is also safe from all sorts of injuries, so a flat iron with a slim design is very important. This is the case with the Remington s9500pp and according to the ratings found, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Safe to use

The safety in use increases the functionality of flat irons and takes away the concern regarding accidents. Most flat irons include an automatic shutoff that prevents the device from getting hotter if you don’t use it for a certain amount of time. This feature is great for times when you are in a hurry, you style your hair and leave the house without unplugging the flat iron. Since it will turn off automatically, there will be no risk of accidents.

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