The Most Accurate Radar Detectors

Every driver knows how frustrating police guns are and how annoying it is to get a speeding ticket because they missed seeing a radar. Luckily, anyone can ditch the police guns thanks to the radar detectors that use advanced technologies to locate police radars and announce the driver of their presence. However, for the most accurate results, it takes the best radar detectors like the ones described in the following lines.

Whistler LR-300GP Laser Radar Detector

This laser radar detector features an internal GPS that offers details on speed and red light cameras so you can enjoy a smooth and safe driving. Thanks to the Total Laser Detection, it can detect various types of police guns, even the most sophisticated ones. The Traffic Flow Signal Rejection helps it eliminate alerts sent by traffic flow sensors, and the Pop Mode detection responds to short bursts of radars. It can detect radars on any of the X, K, Ka, and laser bands so you can make sure no radar will remain undetected.

Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert Radar/Laser Detector

Thanks to the Voice Alert feature of this car gadget, you will notice the radars even if the detector is not installed in your sight. It ensures a wide detection range and it can capture even the fastest radar guns due to the Superfast sweep circuitry. Features like the Pop Mode or the Spectre Alert let you know when you are under the surveillance of Spectre or VG2 radar guns. You can choose between City and Highway modes and you will enjoy a 360-degree detection for maximum accuracy. The radar detector can detect 7 radar signals, 6 laser signals, and offers a safety signal for traffic alerts.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

You will enjoy enhanced radar detection with this device that provides a long-range warning on every type of police gun and on every band. You can get rid of the false alarms thanks to the Digital Signal Processing and the patented AutoSensitivity mode that can identify real radars from other wave sources. Not even traffic sensors will disturb your driving because the Traffic Signal Rejection feature filters them. The Digital signal processing increases the range while eliminating the false alarms caused by garage door openers or home security systems. This radar detector can capture up to 8 radar signals at a time and the auto alerts warn you out loud when it’s best to slow down.

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