Most Secure Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a more advanced version of regular locks that offer a higher level of home security due to the intelligent technologies they use. Some models are better than others and can guarantee a higher performance in keeping your home safe from intruders through various security features. The units described below have shown the best results in security tests and turned out to be the most secure smart door locks.

August Smart Door Lock

For $249, this smart lock can make your home a safer place as it can guarantee no one will enter your home without an access code. Besides the fact that each family member will have a separate code so only they can enter the house, you can limit the access inside the house according to a schedule. For example, you can allow certain people, like the housekeeper, to get inside the house between a certain time slot. The August smart door lock syncs with an app on your smartphone and comes with battery backup so it will operate even if there is a power failure.

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Smart Door Lock

This smart door lock costs less than the previous, only $212, but it’s as effective and even more stylish. The glossy touchscreen with a blue lit display allows you to see the numbers in the dark so you will easily insert your entrance code. It can memorize up to 25 different codes, one for each family member, and comes with a privacy mode that will turn out to be useful when you are on a vacation. Thanks to the Z-Wave technology, you can connect this device to a home automation system and control not only the door lock but also the lights, thermostats, televisions, and heating systems.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Door Lock

Another great smart door lock that only costs $220 is this model that can be operated using a smartphone due to the Bluetooth connectivity it works with. In order to open the door, you will have to touch the Kevo and send it an “open signal”. If you are using the entry-level version, you can make use of the two eKeys, the two traditional keys and the two key fobs you will receive in the package. The eKeys are special encrypted codes that can be used via a smartphone so there is no chance of duplicating them and breaking the security of this smart door lock. Thanks to these eKeys, you can grant visitors access anytime or in a certain schedule.

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