3 Reasons to Stop Using Lash Extensions

Every woman wants to have long, thick, and curved lashes and if Mother Nature hasn’t been too generous, women resort to the help of beauty tricks like lash extensions. Although these beauty enhancers make your lashes look richer, they actually cause irreversible damage to your eyes and to your natural lashes. To convince you of the harmful effects of lash extensions, we reveal 3 reasons why you should stop using them.

Lash extensions are glued with carcinogenic glue

It’s a known fact that you must protect your eyes from toxic substances that can affect your vision and lead to serious health problems. Therefore, you should stop using lash extensions because, most of the times, the glue used to apply the false lashes contains formaldehyde that is a known carcinogenic substance that can cause severe eye problems. Extended use of lash extensions means excessive exposure to the harmful substance that can cause eye cancer and blindness.

Your natural lashes suffer damage from lash extension use

Every time you glue false lashes over your natural lashes, you suffocate their root and you keep them from growing properly. Moreover, every time you remove the lash extensions, your natural lashes fall off and it’s difficult for them to grow back without additional help. If you want to preserve your natural lashes and to avoid trauma on your eyelids, stop using lash extensions.

You can suffer allergies caused by the lashes and the glue

In time, you could develop allergies because your eyes get irritated by the lash extensions and it’s hard for you to clean them very well and to remove every makeup residue. Applying lash extensions regularly and not allowing your eyes to breathe makes them red and irritated, which is an allergic reaction to all the impurities collected by the lash extensions.

A safer alternative to lash extensions

Instead of using false lashes that damage your eyes, you can use a safer product that encourages your natural lashes to grow. This product is called a lash growth serum and it contains powerful ingredients that promote the growth of the natural lashes and strengthen the existing lashes. A great choice is a serum from Latisse that only contains natural substances designed to make natural lashes grow thicker so there will be no need for lash extensions. By applying Latisse lash growth serum to your lashes every day, you will manage to grow long, strong, and beautiful lashes that will enhance your look.

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