Steps to take when changing your web hosting company

When you first founded your business, you knew you needed a website so you hired the first company offering these services to host your website. They promised to handle everything and ensure your site runs smoothly, but it looks like they failed their promise and you don’t know what to do with a malfunctioning website. Well, instead of being frustrated you should look for another web hosting company that can move your web page and ensure it works optimally.

It’s understandable to be reluctant with the move because the process involves plenty of headaches, from paying fees to collaborating with a team you don’t know. But if you choose carefully you may not have to deal with headaches in the future. Here are some guidelines to hep you during the process.

Back-up the site

When you change your web hosting company the possibility to experience problems exists, so they’ll probably recommend backing up your website. When you webløsninger, the backup functions as a safety net because the specialists can recover any missing information or element. You need to download all current files from HTML files to graphics to a local computer.

You should also record essential details you may need. Your memory may not help you providing the new company all the information they need to complete the process, so a record can help you. Write down all security settings, software, email boxes and configuration data.

Pick a new web hosting company

To make sure that you stick with the new company for a long period you need to take some time and research what different providers offer. Look for a company that handles Webdrift for websites similar to yours. Collaborate with a company that offers uptime guarantee and ensure their server is compatible with all your website’s elements. Don’t close the account with the old provider until you’re sure everything runs smoothly with the new one.

Inform the visitors

Before changing the web hosting provider, alert your visitors because the process may disturb their experience. Changing the hosting may also include Filhåndtering and it will take longer than usually. When running an ecommerce website, it’s crucial to alert your users in time because they may panic if they notice the website isn’t working after they place an order. Giving them a prior warning and offering alternate contact information eases the transition and keeps clients happy.

Change the domain name record

Once the switch is complete update the domain name information with the name server information of the new hosting provider. If you’re not the administrative contact of the website the process will take longer because it requires following certain steps. Once the change is approved, it may take a couple of days for users to see it.

After you test for issues and you’re confident that the new company provides better services you can close the account with the old provider. Even if this process implies planning, it doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Follow our piece of advice for a better experience.


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