Sash Windows: Replace Or Repair?


Most homeowners do not know how to repair sash windows, which is why they opt for replacing the panes altogether. Nonetheless, if you are seeking energy efficiency, it is a good idea to have your sash windows repaired. No matter how old your panes are, they are superior over traditional windows. Sash windows provide the best thermal performance, not to mention that they have an extended lifespan. Sash window repairs Islington have many advantages asides from thermal performance, so it is important to keep yours.

Signs That Your Sash Windows Need To Be Repaired

Owing to the fact that windows are one of your home’s basic needs, so you need to know if you have to take action. A trained professional, more precisely a surveyor, can tell you whether or not there is something wrong with your panes. Trained professionals are capable of identifying signs of decay, which can cause serious issues. More often than not, your sash windows will only need some minor repairs. They should only be removed completely if the whole wood is rotting, as this will lead to dampness issues. If the damage is not spotty, it is possible to patch the panes and avoid replacement. A pragmatic decision needs to be taken.

 Benefits of Repairing Sash Windows

You will be pleased to find out that your panes can be restored to their original condition. Replacing your sash windows is not only unnecessary but it is also expensive. If there is something that can  be done to have your panes restored, then do not hesitate. Restoring your sash windows has many benefits. One advantage is that the work will be carried out fast, which is essential if you are having repairs done in the cold season. Another benefit is that the aesthetic appeal of the movable panels is maintained. Your Edwardian property will be the same. Finally yet importantly, the panes have a long lifespan.

Hire Sash Window Specialists

If you are having problems with your sash windows, it is better to hire trained specialists to take care of things. Professionals have innovative means to restore panes of this type and what they do does not affect the original wood structure. However, you should know that repairs can actually be avoided. Movable panels are made from wood and, consequently, they need taking care of. Refurbishing does not cost a great deal and you will be able to keep your panes.

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