Ribbons welcomed in homes: ideas worth considering

Have you ever thought that interior design can be obtained using the simplest of items? Have you thought that making an impression on your guests and family can be extremely simple and it does not have to cost a fortune? Well, it is possible. All you need is to be creative. Use your imagination when decorating your home and it will be something out of a magazine. But first, why not hear a secret?  This is something all important designers have used in their projects. It is a little item, with great force, very simple to use in a multitude of projects, from interior design to fashion and even beauty. It is all about the ribbon, an item you will surely find coming in different colours and designs on dedicated online platforms such as The Ribbon Room.  So here are a few simple ways to welcome ribbons and bows in your lovely home.

In the kitchen


The kitchen is supposed to be welcoming and familiar. That is why, if you are purchasing ribbons, try to select patterns which are close to your heart. You can purchase bows of different sizes and why not, even of different patterns. The idea here is to be creative. Use these bows to tie the curtains in the kitchen, decorate the mason jars and even tie the cutlery pieces, spoons with spoons, knives with knives and so on. Don’t forget about the chairs. These too can be used to carry the ribbon. However, try not to make use of all of them at once. Choose one or two, which you appreciate the most.


In the living room


This room is of course made for the pleasure of your guests, more so than for your own pleasure. So, decorate it carefully. Use ribbons, which are elegant, sophisticated and lively. They should come in one colour and that colour should be already found in the living room. Once again, use the bows to tie the curtains or you can use them on the table to decorate it, either placing it on the flower vase or on the flowers themselves.


In the bedroom


Here is where you let your imagination go. Think of all the ways you can use them, around this room. Think of where you would like to see them. Some designers have come up with a great idea. They have taken lots of bows and glued them on an empty canvas, resembling a painting. Hang it somewhere in the bedroom and you have a lovely room, one you can rest and relax in.

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