Rental restaurant vs. Marquee hire – Which option is more viable for a wedding reception?

Many are confused when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue. Some think that a restaurant will save them from all the hassle involved in organising their reception. This is not true, however. The marquee hire option, however, offers increased levels of flexibility, a major aid from the agency’s employees in terms of design and organising the entire event, from the marquee, to cutlery and providing professional chefs, at the client’s request. Those interested should have a glance at the offer of this Marquee hire south London agency and see what their offer is. However, below you will find a couple of reasons why a marquee hire is a better idea for a wedding reception.

Different styles, for different couples

Regardless of what style tickles your fancy, marquee hire agencies surely can satisfy your needs. Think about your specific requirements from your wedding venue and the skilled and attentive employees surely can find something folding perfectly onto them.

Pick the location yourself

If you set for a restaurant for our wedding reception, you strongly depend on it when it comes to the location. Maybe you want a reception on a beach, or simply something different from your regular restaurant. Luckily, marquees are easy to install in all locations, wherever the client prefers. If a destination holds certain memories for you, you can have your dream day in that particular place, and make it even more special.

You can personalise it easily

Generally, all marquee weddings are truly special. And this because every client has the occasion to play with the décor as they prefer, in order to create a unique a personal approach.  A wedding should be intimate, personal and special. Working with a marquee hire agency will allow you to have your own design, which will make the venue even more appealing and unique. Weddings receptions organised in restaurants seem oftentimes to follow the same pattern, which at a point might look like a cliché. By having a marquee wedding reception will assure you that you can actively contribute to your wedding reception arrangements and design.

Budget flexibility

Regardless what others might say, having a marquee reception will offer you all the above, without enormous expenses. When it comes to decorating, many choose to cut down the expenses by taking their friends’ and families’ help.

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