Plan the perfect engagement photoshoot

Do you consider your wedding the biggest day of your life? Then getting engaged comes in at a close second. Your engagement marks the beginning of a commitment to each other, and you want to capture this special moment in pictures. The engagement photoshoot is more than taking some fancy cool snaps of you and your boyfriend. It also produces the pictures you’ll use to send to your guest to inform them to save the date. You can even use them as wedding invitations or post them on social media to let the world know that you are heading towards the biggest day in your life. These shots are perfect to frame and display them on the walls of your house.

But the engagement photoshoot isn’t only enjoyable it’s also stressful because you have no idea how to plan one. Get ready to take notes because here is everything you need to know about this event.   

Talk with your partner about ideas that thrill you

Before hiring the fotograf Rena you should discuss with your partner some ideas for your photoshoot. Sit down and discuss some ideas you discovered on Pinterest. Grab a piece of paper and write down the ideas both of you like. Sometimes it’s not a photo you want to take, but an emotion or theme you want to display in pictures. Decide what idea you prefer and ask the photographer if they can help you.

It’s important the engagement photoshoot to capture the things that make you a unique couple. Where did you first meet? Do you have any common interests? All these places can become great spots to organise the photoshoot.

Gather together all the things that inspire you

With a list of ideas you find interesting, it’s the time to gather inspiration and translate the ideas into imagery. It will help the fotograf Elverum understand your ideas and identify the places where they can recreate the same pictures. Pinterest is the best place where to start looking for photos you would like the photographer to take. If you search by keywords like couple portrait or engagement photo shoot, you’ll receive a myriad of different shots perfect even for the pickiest couple. Put together all the photos you like and the emotions you would like to transmit through your pictures and get in touch with the photographer.

Start looking for places where to organise the photo shoot

The photographer will probably suggest some locations because they have plenty of experience, and they can easily identify some spots that suit your style. But you can come up with your own suggestions if you like a place. The spots highly depend on the ideas you pick for the photoshoot. If you don’t have some favourite locations in mind you can scout some places online and in person to check if they match your ideas. Instagram can be a great source of inspiration because people tag the location in their photos and usually post the perfect spots for photos.

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