Personalised DIY home decorations your family will love

Decorations are an essential part of a beautiful, eye-catching décor, and making a few changes n this department is required, if you want to keep your home premises aesthetically appealing at all time. If you have a bit of free time on your hands, you should consider the possibility of designing some decorative elements yourself, customizing thus the appearance of your décor. There are plenty of project ideas you can pursue, and if you need some inspiration on the matter, the following examples might help you:

Colourful living room lamp

An easy, yet amazing project that will bring a bit of colour into your living room is by accessorizing one of your lamps with some ribbon accents. All you will need to create a chic, playful and modern lampshade will be a hot glue gun and some high quality ribbon. Combine several colours together when attaching the ribbon onto the lamp shade, for a more visually drawing effect. Make sure to purchase your ribbon from a store that provides you with qualitative supplies, and great variety. might have available the decorative elements you need.

Suitcase table

Want to incorporate an unconventional item into your lounge area décor? Then consider creating a unique table out of an old suitcase. Paint the suitcase into a vibrant colour, and attach it to an old, small coffee table. You could use just wood legs, but it might lack the necessary sturdiness, so the first option is recommended. You can use the suitcase table for storage as well, being practical besides giving your décor a retro feel.

Scalloped wall

Give your bedroom an upgrade, and shift the entire vibe of the area by accessorizing one of your walls with a statement wood piece. What you will need for this project is some mounting tape and plywood, as well as some markers if you want to take your creativity one step further. Create the illusion of a scalloped wall by cutting the plywood into certain shapes. You will certainly love the effect this element will create.

Giving your home interior some fresh touches from time to time can be necessary, if you want to maintain that ideal homey feel, and keep your décor fresh and authentic. Instead of regularly purchasing decorations as they come in store, you should consider engaging in some DIY projects and creating them yourself. This way you will be saving money, and you’ll also personalise the aesthetics of the place in order to make it seem far more unique.

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