My first teenager car – Volkswagen Golf

Immediately after you got a driver’s licence, as a teen you will start thinking about what kind of car do you see yourself driving in the near future. The temptation is strong, given the fact that you will definitely opt for a car that is good looking, strong and expensive. The reality is that not everyone can actually afford such a car from the very beginning and there are also risks implied. Why would you want to buy an expensive car if there is a risk of injuring it? Try investing in cars that are both reliable and cheap. For this matter, you should check the Volkswagen Golf models that are available on the market right now. Also, try thinking about buying a used car rather than a new one, because you will definitely want to change it later. Here’s what to consider about the Volkswagen:

Is it a pony or real horsepower?

Fierce vehicles are the ones that teenagers usually look for when buying their first car. Well, the Golf comes in several variants. The power of the car you are going to buy will encourage you to exceed the speed limit if it allows you. Choose wisely whether you desire a car which power can attract only bad things or a reasonable powered car that is suitable for most of your beginner driver’s activities. Think well about choosing a certain type of engine or a transmission that you think you enjoy.

Gasoline or diesel cars?

Yes – this is one of the questions that can be found in each and everyone’s heads. What type of fuel should my car use? Is it gasoline or diesel? If you know you will be travelling more than 3500 kilometres per month you definitely want to buy a gasoline car. Diesel-powered cars consume much less than the other option, but they tend to be more expensive. Make your decision according to the plans you have with your future car. Volkswagen can be found in both variants so look forward to finding it.


You surely want to opt for a car that is not too big or too small. This is why the Golf is suitable for a teenager that just got their driver’s licence. It is a middle-sized car that can be easily parked around and is more than accessible. Manoeuvring a car with ease is one of the things you definitely want to look into.


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