How students can become better leaders by playing team sports

Even though for many young people sport is the last item on their agenda, experience has shown that students who participate in team sports develop leadership skills in the process, because they are not only exposed to leadership role models, but they are also required to exercise some degree of leadership with their peers. If you are still not convinced that team sports can build student leadership, the following information might give you some clarifications on the matter:

They learn how to relate to other people better

Team sports are all about playing together and applying a strategy to defeat the other team and many students who have played any type of college team sport have said that they actually got to meet many people whom they may not have normally met in other situations. This way they learnt how to relate to people who have different backgrounds and motivations than they do. When you understand a decision that someone from the other team had to make, you will be able to relate it with an event outside the game as well and thus you will have an entirely new perspective.


They learn how to work well with others

When you are part of a team, if you play selfishly, your team will most likely lose and this is a problem that many students have in real life as well. A team sport will certainly teach them how to be better team players and how to be successful through their team. Many companies these days put a great deal of importance on teamwork, which is why students should really try to participate in various team sports. Whether you choose to play beach volleyball, stand-up paddling or anything else, the effects will certainly become visible after a few months of playing.


They will understand that ability can be influenced by attitude

The way you approach something will certainly influence the final result and this is something that cannot be learnt better than when playing a team sport. The fact is that it can work both ways: a positive attitude will lead to a better performance, while a negative attitude will lead to disappointing results. When playing a team sport everyone encourages each other, they celebrate together and comfort each other whenever they suffer a loss and these principles stick with them for the rest of their lives and can be applied in other situations as well.


Many managers of today’s biggest corporations played various team sports during their college years and they all say that it definitely improved their leadership skills and helped them become successful business leaders. Student leadership can be taught through sports from a young age, so parents don’t have to wait until their children go to college to encourage them to join various teams. In fact, there are sports centres that organise various educational activities where children can participate and learn how to become tomorrow’s next leaders through sports and with the multitude of options available these days, they can surely find something suitable for their child.

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