4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Scouting for An Event Photographer

When planning an event, there are many things that you need to keep in mind: finding the perfect revenue to host all your guests, sending out invitations, choosing the menu and last, but not least, finding a photographer. The right photographer can make every moment of the event look flawless, which is why choosing one that understands your needs is extremely important. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

Follow the tips below to make sure your event will look perfect in each and every photo.



Get to know the photographer

When you start planning an event, you most probably have a clear idea in mind about how it should look, and you want that to show in the after photos as well. This is why finding a fotograf Rena that is on the same page as you is extremely important.

Don’t wait until the day of the event to meet the photographer. Call them and ask to get together for a coffee, to talk in a more casual environment. Ask them about what got them into photography, what type of events they usually shoot and any other question that will make you feel more comfortable with having them there on the big day.


Ask for a portfolio

Just like any other professional, photographers usually specialize in one, or a few types of events. If the photographer is used to shooting fashion shows, chances are they will not be able to deliver the type of photos you need for a corporate event.

Even though some photographers are extremely good at what they do, they may simply not be the suited for shooting the type of event that you are hosting. Ask for a portfolio, so you can get a better idea about their previous work, what type of events they usually shoot, and how they edit photos, which is also a highly important aspect.


Talk budget

Some photographers can charge a small fortune for shooting, editing and printing the photos, so make sure you have a clear budget in mind before you go talk to them. Setting an approximate budget will help you save time when prospecting, as you can simply eliminate those you find too expensive.

Keep in mind, though, that photographers put a lot of work in what they do, and sometimes the prices are justified. Ask around and see what fotograf elverum usually charge for shooting the type of event you are planning, to get an idea about the budget you should set aside.


Discuss the delivery process

During the event, the photographer will shoot hundreds, or maybe thousands of photos, but they will not be sending you each and every one of them, as they need to be curated and edited and that takes a lot of time.

Ask the photographer how many photos should you expect to receive and how soon they will deliver them. There is no point in having professional photos taken, if you will receive them two months after the event. Also, don’t forget to ask if they will only deliver them in digital format, or if they can take care of the printing as well.

Tricks to bring your first home together on a restricted budget

Purchasing your first home comes with plenty of expenses. And after you found the money to buy a house and fix up the essentials, you might be left with a shoestring budget to deal with your home decorations. But decorating a home shouldn’t be that difficult. You can always find inexpensive solutions to make your first house feel like home and to bring it together. Below are some of the best suggestions that you can use in the process.

Paint a Wall in an Accent Colour

Using accents to brighten up space is one very effective solution for those who need to tackle the decorating part on a shoestring budget. Preserve a neutral colour for the rest of your walls and use a contrasting colour for your accent wall. You can also add contrasting shelves and decorations on the said wall and you will tackle a big chunk of your decorating process for a few penning and a few hours.

Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Trying to achieve a classy look for your home, you may be tempted to search for hardwood floors. However, this is a way too expensive option. Consider more affordable solutions. For instance, Microsement flooring solutions offer a classy and exquisite air to all spaces where they are installed. Plus, they are far more resilient than normal floors, are low-maintenance and you don’t have to worry about damaging those.

Heller is another great solution for those who want to save up a little on their floors. Besides, rather can be used both indoors and outdoors and it can create a cohesive atmosphere in a home through surface fluidity. Consider it another affordable option in your home decorating journey.

For alleyways, specialists recommend installing kantstein. Durable and aesthetically-pleasing, it can be installed in a series of styles and patterns, depending on each client’s needs and wants.

Get Eclectic

When you lack month and you still want to offer your home a pleasing appearance, you have to visit yard sales and buy all decorations you find aesthetically pleasing, even if they don’t match too much. The eclectic style seems to be the easiest to achieve, as you only have to mix and not worry about matching at all. Find vases, photo frames and old bowls that you can use to decorate your furniture. Take it up a notch and mix and match old furniture pieces as well, if you lack the necessary money for brand-new ones.

Do It Yourself!

Getting crafty is one of the easiest ways in which you can lower your decorating expenses. Make sure to find different online tutorials for items that you love. The internet is very resourceful. Surf Pinterest boards. These not only have numerous ideas, but also detailed instructions on building your own decorations!

 Follow the advice above and forget about not having enough money to make your home look pretty, classy and somewhat luxurious. There are plenty of solutions that will come to your help when you need it the most!

3 ways to bring a living room to life

So, you think that the living room looks kind of dull. You are not mistaken. It has been a while since you last made changes and the living room is outdated. Do not be sad because the living space has gone out of style. There is something you can do about it. Decorating a small space like the living room is a challenging task, but you will be able to handle it. Here are 3 ways in which you can bring your living room back to life. Read carefully.

Transform the living room with statement pieces

Statement pieces like a painting are intimidating, but they are worth taking the risk. It is possible to make a statement piece work in your home. You just have to know how to. What you need to do is let the item of home décor stand out. If everything in the room is special, then the statement piece will not stand out. Make sure that this one piece draws all the attention. Keep the other items in the living room small or less fancily decorated. But will your loved ones like the statement piece? Not only will they like it, but also they will fall in love with the unique item.

Decorate with ribbon

There are tasteful ways in which you can decorate the living room with everyday ribbons. Are you curious to find out more? If you really want to upgrade the interior, start with the lampshades. Adding some satin ribbon to the lampshade. It is very easy. All you have to do is wrap the decorative material around the lampshade. You can do it. If you do not particularly like this idea, then sew ribbon into the curtain. A trim along the edge of the curtain is enough. You can equally decorate the candles with ribbon. There is not a simpler craft project, just so you know.

Invest in transparent furniture

Have you ever heard about transparent furniture? Maybe you have not. It refers to furnishings that are transparent, as the name suggests. Why would you want something like that in your home? Because the furniture pieces breathe in new life into the living room, that is why. Many think that it is the best-looking furniture. This is ironic considering that the furnishings are see-through. Do not exaggerate. Buy a transparent coffee table or a seat. They will not take up too much space and the effect is woo-hoo.

Don’t you think it’s time to start Christmas shopping?

Most people wait until December to do their Christmas shopping. They don’t see the point in buying presents or decorations months in advance. That’s because these people live only in the present. When it comes down to such an important holiday like Christmas, it’s necessary to be prepared ahead of time. The more you wait, the harder it will be for you. There is no better time like the present to start Christmas shopping. If you don’t believe us, then you should better continue reading. The following arguments will change your mind. Read carefully.

You make better decisions when you’re not in a rush

Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year. There are parties, dinners with friends and family, and let’s not forget about shopping sprees. When you purchase numerous things in a short period of time you don’t make the best decisions ever. Why? Because you’re in a rush, of course. You’re looking for this and that, forgetting what is most important. If you went out to buy Christmas sacks, you come back home bearing a lot more than that. Doing your Christmas shopping ahead of time is what you should be doing. You’ll think more clearly and be able to concentrate your attention on gifts for your loved ones. In-store displays or banners won’t distract your attention. You can be sure of that.

You can find a great many products

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you’ve probably noticed that stores are already bringing in holiday decorations and many other things. If you shop early, you’ll be able to get your hands on the items that you need so much. You won’t have to battle customers for Christmas sacks or hanging decorations. There are enough products for everyone. Plus, nobody will even think about stocking up this time of the year. As far as the selection of products is concerned, all sizes and colours are available, so you’re going to be just fine. If you want the best deals, consider ordering online. It does take some time for the order to arrive, but at least you gain an advantage.

You don’t have to worry about the weather

December isn’t people’s favourite holiday and for good reason too. It’s cold all the time, not to mention that when it snows, it’s impossible to get from one place to the other. Imagine the following scenario: you leave Christmas shopping to the last minute. The day that you planned to hit the store arrives, but it’s snowing like crazy. What do you do? You can’t even leave the house. Things like this are likely to happen. When you do your Christmas shopping earlier, you don’t have to worry that the weather will ruin your plans. The weather won’t bother you, so you can do whatever you want. In the absence of heavy snow, you can take as much time as you need picking out decorations or presents. When you get out the shopping centre, your car won’t be covered in tons of snow. It’ll be just like you left it.


Personalised DIY home decorations your family will love

Decorations are an essential part of a beautiful, eye-catching décor, and making a few changes n this department is required, if you want to keep your home premises aesthetically appealing at all time. If you have a bit of free time on your hands, you should consider the possibility of designing some decorative elements yourself, customizing thus the appearance of your décor. There are plenty of project ideas you can pursue, and if you need some inspiration on the matter, the following examples might help you:

Colourful living room lamp

An easy, yet amazing project that will bring a bit of colour into your living room is by accessorizing one of your lamps with some ribbon accents. All you will need to create a chic, playful and modern lampshade will be a hot glue gun and some high quality ribbon. Combine several colours together when attaching the ribbon onto the lamp shade, for a more visually drawing effect. Make sure to purchase your ribbon from a store that provides you with qualitative supplies, and great variety. http://theribbonroom.co.uk might have available the decorative elements you need.

Suitcase table

Want to incorporate an unconventional item into your lounge area décor? Then consider creating a unique table out of an old suitcase. Paint the suitcase into a vibrant colour, and attach it to an old, small coffee table. You could use just wood legs, but it might lack the necessary sturdiness, so the first option is recommended. You can use the suitcase table for storage as well, being practical besides giving your décor a retro feel.

Scalloped wall

Give your bedroom an upgrade, and shift the entire vibe of the area by accessorizing one of your walls with a statement wood piece. What you will need for this project is some mounting tape and plywood, as well as some markers if you want to take your creativity one step further. Create the illusion of a scalloped wall by cutting the plywood into certain shapes. You will certainly love the effect this element will create.

Giving your home interior some fresh touches from time to time can be necessary, if you want to maintain that ideal homey feel, and keep your décor fresh and authentic. Instead of regularly purchasing decorations as they come in store, you should consider engaging in some DIY projects and creating them yourself. This way you will be saving money, and you’ll also personalise the aesthetics of the place in order to make it seem far more unique.

Becoming a real estate investor: is it a good idea?

Many individuals have reached financial independence by investing in real estate. When the income from the real estate portfolio comes in, they are able to pay all their monthly expenses. You can make income through rent, invest in real estate mutual funds, and hire a property manager. The point is that real estate investing is awesome and you should give it a try. Put simply, you should become a real estate investor. Do not worry, you do not have to leave your job. You can create passive income in your spare time. Still not convinced, huh? If you do not think that real estate is a fantastic place to invest, continue reading and check out our reasons.

Potential to generate high returns

The real estate market has gained its momentum. Although it is too early to pronounce the beginning of the economic expansion, it is certain that things are looking good for those who are interested in investing in the property market. Real estate investing offers high returns. You will not become a millionaire, but you stand to make a great deal of money. The simplest way to make money is to acquire rental property, such as an apartment, duplex or even a house. If you do not want to buy individual investment properties, then you can buy shares in a Delaware Statutory Trust. In case you did not know, you can use your interest as a replacement property in a 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust – in other words, a tax-deferred exchange. no matter what you do, you can grow your financial portfolio.

You are in complete control

Maybe you are not happy with your job. You work eight hours a day and you cannot complain that you do not make enough money. Nonetheless, you want something more. You want to make your own decisions and you do not want to be told what to do. If this is the case, you should really consider real estate investing. You are in control of things. If you do not want to work on Friday, you do not have to. You get to decide how many hours are necessary, what deals to close, and what kind of exit strategy you are going to use.

Leaving a legacy to your family  

If you are married with children, you have all the reason in the world to leave a legacy. Real estate is an asset that you can pass down to your loved ones. The property is owned clear and free and, at the end of the day, it brings in money. If the asset is well-maintained, then it will grow and so will the property income. If you do not care about yourself, then think about the future of your kids. They will have to pay for college tuition. How are they going to pay for the educational expenses? If you have amassed some wealth from individual properties or a Delaware Statutory trust, you can leave that money as a legacy. Thanks to you, your children will not have a care in the world.

Essential Garden Lighting and Makeover Tips

It is probably fair to say that most homeowners in the UK can quite easily imagine the garden of their dreams. If you are so lucky to have a garden, chances are you would have a good idea of how you’d like the garden to look if you had all the money and time in the world to invest in it. Sadly, money and time tend to be resources the large majority of us just do not have in abundance…or even in small measures, in most cases.

The good news nevertheless is that just like the interior of the home, there are many ways and means the garden and your home’s exterior in general could be transformed without necessarily spending a fortune. It is a case of balancing common sense with ambition and considering the small changes that can add up to the biggest differences.

Here is a short overview of a several examples of the kinds of things that could really transform a garden for minimal expense:

1 – Appropriate General Lighting

According to the experts in filament designer lighting, there is absolutely nothing that could enhance the appeal of an exterior living space quite like appropriate lighting. The simple fact of the matter is that the moment you install your general lighting to illuminate the garden during the hours of darkness, you immediately extend its overall practicality and usability. We might not be blessed with warm weather year round in the United Kingdom, but to extend the usability of a garden beyond dusk with a few lighting fixtures really could transform its appeal in the most wonderful way.

2 – Smart Feature Lighting

Still on the same topic, another hugely effective approach to lighting is that of using small, strategically arranged lights to illuminate specific areas of the garden. If for instance there are some elements of the garden you are prouder of than others, it is quite remarkable how lighting up these features can transform the whole garden in general. From fountains to ponds to birdbaths, to the patio, think about adding some light to the most appealing features of your garden and you won’t believe the difference it makes to the home’s exterior aesthetic.

3 – Go Minimalistic

The problem with overcrowded and overcomplicated gardens is the way in which they need so much effort and time to keep them looking their very best. Needless to say, investing the necessary effort and time is easy to intend to do, but quite difficult to in fact go through with. And when they get neglected, complicated gardens immediately fall into a state of disorder and disarray. This tends to be precisely the time when their owners lose interest, having convinced themselves they are fighting a losing battle. Put simply therefore, minimalism and simplicity could in fact be an excellent way to go. In terms of saving time, money and minimising the efforts you have to put into a truly enjoyable and elegant garden, keeping things simple and stripped-back is the best way of going about it.

4 – Perfect Paving

While the idea of having a go at paving…or wooden decking…may sound a bit expensive and extreme, it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of breathing completely new life into your garden. Naturally, these transformations take some time to really go about and need a good investment of hard work. Nonetheless, get it right with a decking or paving endeavour and what you’re looking at is a one-time-only project which will then minimise all expenses and efforts needed from thereon in. When you think about the fact that a paved patio can serve you for several decades, it is really hard to dispute the value for money.

5 – Pre-Loved Furniture

Last up, it is probably safe to say that in terms of the furniture and accessories you need in your garden, you will not be expecting them to stay in completely perfect and pristine condition for very long. Therefore, it makes sense to think about investing in second-hand garden furniture and anything else you will need outdoors, as chances are that within days of installing your brand new bits and pieces, they will look and feel pre-loved anyway!



Rental restaurant vs. Marquee hire – Which option is more viable for a wedding reception?

Many are confused when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue. Some think that a restaurant will save them from all the hassle involved in organising their reception. This is not true, however. The marquee hire option, however, offers increased levels of flexibility, a major aid from the agency’s employees in terms of design and organising the entire event, from the marquee, to cutlery and providing professional chefs, at the client’s request. Those interested should have a glance at the offer of this Marquee hire south London agency and see what their offer is. However, below you will find a couple of reasons why a marquee hire is a better idea for a wedding reception.

Different styles, for different couples

Regardless of what style tickles your fancy, marquee hire agencies surely can satisfy your needs. Think about your specific requirements from your wedding venue and the skilled and attentive employees surely can find something folding perfectly onto them.

Pick the location yourself

If you set for a restaurant for our wedding reception, you strongly depend on it when it comes to the location. Maybe you want a reception on a beach, or simply something different from your regular restaurant. Luckily, marquees are easy to install in all locations, wherever the client prefers. If a destination holds certain memories for you, you can have your dream day in that particular place, and make it even more special.

You can personalise it easily

Generally, all marquee weddings are truly special. And this because every client has the occasion to play with the décor as they prefer, in order to create a unique a personal approach.  A wedding should be intimate, personal and special. Working with a marquee hire agency will allow you to have your own design, which will make the venue even more appealing and unique. Weddings receptions organised in restaurants seem oftentimes to follow the same pattern, which at a point might look like a cliché. By having a marquee wedding reception will assure you that you can actively contribute to your wedding reception arrangements and design.

Budget flexibility

Regardless what others might say, having a marquee reception will offer you all the above, without enormous expenses. When it comes to decorating, many choose to cut down the expenses by taking their friends’ and families’ help.

Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovation

If you are like most homeowners, then you probably want a bathroom that boasts of style and function. A bathroom remodel is the best way to get what you want and, as an added bonus, your home’s value increases. It is important to make the most of the time you have and create a fashionable, relaxing space within your home. Maybe you already had a bathroom-remodelling project on your to-do list. If this is the case, then you need to get in touch with property refurbishment professionals like http://www.fiveoax.co.uk/. Additionally, you need to take seriously the following dos and don’ts of bathroom renovation.

DO Hire a Specialist to Manage the Project

The only thing plumbers know is how to deal with pipework and install fixtures. While it cannot be denied that high-end fixtures are a worthwhile investment, they will mean nothing if the bathroom does not function properly. Even if you only need to replace fixtures, you should hire   professional who has experience with building renovations and can take care of the project from demolition to wrap-up. Using a specialist will help you avoid costly mistakes.  

DON’T Forget About the Design Plan

A well-designed bathroom is an important part of the home. The functionality as well as the outline of the room for bathing should be based on who will be using it the most. If you are doing work on the children’s bathroom, install no-slip tile. On the other hand, if you are remodelling your own bathroom, make sure you have enough space or address storage issues.

DO Consider Safety

When embarking on a home renovation project, you are thinking about anything else but safety. What you should know is that lighting fixtures are not as important as your personal wellbeing. Slips and falls are quite common in the bathroom, so you should take measures to ensure that the restroom is completely safe. As stated before, you can install no-slip tile. If you have already purchased the tile, then think about getting slip-resistant floor mats. Another good idea is to install a grab bar. It provides security for that first step.

DON’T Ignore Old Pipework

If your pipework is about 30 years old, then you should replace it. The main problem with old pipework is that it reduces the pressure of the water, not to mention what can happen if it crashes. Replacing the pipes may not be tempting, especially since it is costly, but you cannot afford to go on with antiquated pipes.

Sash Windows: Replace Or Repair?


Most homeowners do not know how to repair sash windows, which is why they opt for replacing the panes altogether. Nonetheless, if you are seeking energy efficiency, it is a good idea to have your sash windows repaired. No matter how old your panes are, they are superior over traditional windows. Sash windows provide the best thermal performance, not to mention that they have an extended lifespan. Sash window repairs Islington have many advantages asides from thermal performance, so it is important to keep yours.

Signs That Your Sash Windows Need To Be Repaired

Owing to the fact that windows are one of your home’s basic needs, so you need to know if you have to take action. A trained professional, more precisely a surveyor, can tell you whether or not there is something wrong with your panes. Trained professionals are capable of identifying signs of decay, which can cause serious issues. More often than not, your sash windows will only need some minor repairs. They should only be removed completely if the whole wood is rotting, as this will lead to dampness issues. If the damage is not spotty, it is possible to patch the panes and avoid replacement. A pragmatic decision needs to be taken.

 Benefits of Repairing Sash Windows

You will be pleased to find out that your panes can be restored to their original condition. Replacing your sash windows is not only unnecessary but it is also expensive. If there is something that can  be done to have your panes restored, then do not hesitate. Restoring your sash windows has many benefits. One advantage is that the work will be carried out fast, which is essential if you are having repairs done in the cold season. Another benefit is that the aesthetic appeal of the movable panels is maintained. Your Edwardian property will be the same. Finally yet importantly, the panes have a long lifespan.

Hire Sash Window Specialists

If you are having problems with your sash windows, it is better to hire trained specialists to take care of things. Professionals have innovative means to restore panes of this type and what they do does not affect the original wood structure. However, you should know that repairs can actually be avoided. Movable panels are made from wood and, consequently, they need taking care of. Refurbishing does not cost a great deal and you will be able to keep your panes.