Highest Paying Jobs in 2015

Having a well-paid job implies a lot of work and studying that results in many numbers on the paycheck. Some fields are more profitable than the others and people who activate in those fields have bigger salaries that make hem successful and reward their efforts in being the best in the industry. In case you were curious or you are looking for a career path that will bring you financial satisfaction, here are the highest paying jobs in 2015.

  • The medical industry has offered many benefits to people who have done their jobs very well and who have achieved excellent results. Surgeons have been the highest paid in the medical industry during the past year, with incomes around $350,000 a year. This occupation is a profitable one that shows a significant growth during the following years.
  • The next in line are orthodontists and dentists, with a mean annual pay of around $220,000, making this job extremely satisfactory in terms of income. People who work in this medical field are starting to get more and more well-paid as this job is showing a considerable growth.
  • Chief executives of various companies have earned over $180,000 during the past year. However, this is only an average income, as top CEOs of very popular companies can make tens of millions of dollars per year.
  • Architects and engineers have also been paid very well in 2015, with over $150,000 per year. Although these jobs depend on various factors, the projected growth for the following 10 years is around 7%, which makes more and more people choose this career path.
  • Marketing managers represent another high paid field of 2015, with an annual pay of around $137,000. Due to the increasing popularity and the interest people show on marketing, this job is believed to attract up to 12% more people during the next 10 years.
  • Lawyers also make one of the highest paying jobs in 2015 with an annual salary of around $133,000. The legal field has always been a profitable one and the projected growth of 10% shows that it will keep being a popular domain.
  • Air traffic controllers have registered an annual pay in 2015 of around $128,000, although the popularity of this job is not believed to increase significantly. Still, this job remains one of the highest paying.
  • Physicists have reached a mean annual pay of $117,000 in 2015, which is not the highest nor the lowest level of a job. The interest in this job hasn’t increased too much, although the field is an interesting one.
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