Helpful Tips for cutting down your alcohol consumption

It isn’t always necessary to turn to professional alcohol detox centres to make a big difference when it comes to your own personal drinking habits. There are so many reasons why any person may reach the decision that they wish to either cut down on alcohol consumption, or eliminate it from their life entirely. They may be pursuing a healthier lifestyle, looking to set a good example for their kids, trying to save money or simply looking to put a stop to dangerous binge drinking habits.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to cut down, you are in good company. In fact, research suggests that approximately 45% of adults in Britain genuinely believe they should cut down their own alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, most see it as something that is far easier said than done, though in reality this isn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Simply following a few practical tips can make the process that little bit easier.

Don’t Keep It a Secret

For example, if you have made the decision to cut down on alcohol and have every intention of sticking to it, the first thing to do is tell your friends and family of your intentions. Tell them what you plan to do, why you plan to do it and how exactly you intend to get it done. Assuming they have any regards to your best interests whatsoever, they will offer you plenty of support from day one – one or more of them may even make the decision to cut down with you.

Avoid Temptation

Throughout the process, it is important to be extremely proactive when it comes to avoiding temptation. For example, if for the last 15 years you have enjoyed one too many every Wednesday during the pub quiz, you cannot realistically expect to attend the quiz next week and drink nothing but mineral water. It simply isn’t going to happen. As such, it may be a case of cutting this entire activity out of your life for a while, perhaps doing something else instead. Or if you do decide to go, you could be the designated driver for the evening which in turn means that you absolutely cannot give in to temptation.

Give Up Gradually

While it is absolutely possible to go ‘cold turkey’ with professional detox help and remove alcohol from your life entirely, there may be people who find it considerably easier to give up gradually. What it basically means is taking a look at your current drinking habits in complete and total honesty, in order to come up with a proactive plan for reducing how much you drink. For example, if you currently go to the pub five nights every week, start out by cutting this down to three nights. Alternatively, think about exactly how much you drink during each of these sessions and work on gradually reducing it. The reason being that the less you drink, the easier it becomes to stop drinking entirely.

Reward Progress

There is no way you can expect to stick to your good intentions if you do not feel you are getting anything positive out of the process. While it is safe to say that your health and wellbeing will improve significantly when you begin reducing alcohol consumption, you also need to experience tangible benefits to remain motivated. As such, you might want to think about putting aside the money you would usually spend on alcohol, in order to then put into use after a month or two for a real personal indulgence. Whatever it is that you have had your eye on but previously couldn’t justify the expense, chances are you will be able to justify it easily when you start cutting down on alcohol.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that you do not have to be an advanced alcoholic to experience withdrawal symptoms when cutting booze out of your life. Chances are that if you have been a regular drinker for some time, you may experience certain physical and psychological symptoms when attempting to cut down. Common symptoms include tiredness, lethargy, poor concentration, irritability and the kinds of alcohol cravings that become almost intolerable. It is important to seek professional advice in such circumstances.

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