Having trouble choosing your nanny? Try these tips

As a parent, when you can’t get work off your mind anymore and stress starts to build up until you cannot longer face what’s happening around you, a nanny is welcomed in your life. There are plenty of nanny agencies in London that can help you choose between diverse candidates, to meet your expectations and desires. Yet, you can’t make the choice yourself, given the fact part of the decision making is in the hands of your child. Here are a few tips to follow when picking your babysitter:


Get to know the person

  • Try to look for qualities and traits such as energy, kindness, creativity, patience, responsibility. When meeting your possible future nanny, focus your attention on behavioural characteristics, rather than professional facts such as an elaborate, eye-catching CV or a well-structured discourse. You have to meet the kind person you want around your child, not an austere employee who only does his job, without merely involving himself in the process.
  • Establish a few questions you’d like to ask in advance. Make up a short survey with imagination-challenging questions such as: what do you love in children; how do you take boredom and disinterest out of the forecast; can you offer First Aid; what are your hobbies; what do you do in your free time; how do you handle stress and so on.

Considering details

  • Set up meetings with both your candidates and your child so you can keep in mind your kid’s opinion, allowing him to ask whatever it might cross his mind. Pay close attention to your applicant’s reactions and answers, this being an useful method to know the person’s point of view on different topics
  • Discuss payment, duties and responsibilities. Specify clearly the services you need, recurring obligations and working days and hours. Try to balance the salary plan with the amount of work done, along with the house privileges you are allowing (like usage of a phone/Internet/car etc.) or emergency situations meet-ups.


To sum it up, you must be really careful before taking such a big decision and observe every tiny detail you can. You are both determining your kid’s future progress and welfare and your own peace of mind, stability and trust while you’re not around the little one. It takes lots of perseverance and calmness to select the right candidate, but it’s all worthy.

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