Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Tired of painful and exhausting traditional hair removal procedures? You should try laser treatment. This method is a modern way of getting rid of unwanted hair and what is actually great is that it delivers long lasting, even permanent, results. In the past years, the practice has become increasingly popular, so in case you are also thinking about trying it, make sure you learn some things about it in advance. Here are some of the most frequent questions, and their answers, related to the topic:

How does laser hair removal work?

Removing hair by the means of laser light is an efficient and safe procedure, as long as it is performed by a specialist, after the consult of a doctor. The device used during the process emits a special type of light at a particular wavelength, which is absorbed by the skin pigment directly inside the hair follicle, thus destroying it. This way, the root of the hair is weakened, the hair is extracted and the surrounding skin does not get damaged whatsoever. The rays consist in light that is converted to heat energy, which on a long term disables the follicle and the hair will not grow again. The treatment is ideal for various parts of the body (arms, arm pit, bikini line, legs, abdomen etc), except the small bony area of the eye socket.


Is laser hair removal comfortable and safe?

When performed in a professional clinic specialised in laser hair removal in Brisbane, the treatment in completely safe and comfortable. This is due to the fact than an experienced practitioner knows how to operate the device in order to avoid itches, burns and other skin damage. In addition to this, the systems used have been designed to protect skin during the treatment. The light is pressed against the skin, in order to reach the root of the hairs, but it is filtered by a sapphire crystal window that removes extra heat. All you will feel is a tiny pitch, especially if the device has a constant energy flow. As you can see, modern tools and pieces of equipment can ensure a comfortable experience during the removal procedure with laser. You can get rid of unwanted hair and also forget about painful experiences.


Who can get hair removal services?

Normally, there is no ideal candidate for the treatment, since laser hair removal is a process suitable to many types of patients. However, some people are likely to react better than others to this procedure, due to their hair characteristics. This type of hair removal works better to individuals with light skin and dark hair pigment, because this way laser rays can identify better the roots and destroy them easier. Thicker hairs are also easier to remove, which is why some experts recommend shaving before the first session, since this makes the roots stronger. In case you do not think you belong to the above mentioned category, rest assured because great results can be achieved anyways. Just talk to your dermatologist and ask their recommendation, then make an appointment with a reliable clinic offering dedicated services.

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