Family sponsorship for Canada immigration – things to know

If one of your family members has relocated to Canada for some time now, and you are thinking about doing the same, then you must be currently researching the topic. If you have spent some time reading relevant details regarding this subject on the web, then you have probably heard about family sponsorship immigration programs. Through this type of program, permanent residents and Canadian citizens have the possibility of sponsoring close family members to immigrate to Canada as well. If the subject has caught your interest, keep on reading to learn more about what the process involves.

Spouse or partner sponsorship

One of the most frequently met situations, when it comes to family sponsorship immigration is the spouse or partner one. This means, if your life partner or husband/wife is a Canadian citizen with all paperwork in order, you have the opportunity to request a permanent Visa card yourself. However, in order for your application to be taken into consideration, the spouse needs to be a permanent resident, of at least 18 years of age and they should not have any legal offenses on record or be in prison. If you are not legally married, then your relationship should consist of one year minimum cohabit partnership.

Parent or Grandparent sponsorship

The next type of immigration sponsorship is one that involves the parents or grandparents. If you are either one of the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen you can become one yourself, if meeting all legal demands. Legal requirements consist of a proof from your family member that they will be able to provide you with the financial support necessary upon your arrival.

Resorting to a specialized company

The process of immigrating to Canada through family sponsorship can turn out to be more complicated than you have initially expected. Because there are many formalities and legal regulations that you might not be completely aware of, hiring a professional to provide you with the guidance you need might be a wise idea. An organization that specializes in immigration services can explain to you how the process needs to go, and what your course of actions should be. With professional support, you have the chance to receive your Visa card much sooner, without legal inconveniences and unwanted delays. If you want to join your family members living in Canada as soon as possible, then avoid dealing with the immigration process by yourself, and choose to work with a company that is specialized in this area.

Family sponsorship is one of the most efficient ways to become a Canadian citizen, but just like any other immigration process, it involves some research and legal requirements. Now that you have an idea about what this type of government program implies, you can start preparing by searching for an organization that offers support to immigrants. Moving to Canada is a big step to make, and it might turn your life around, positively speaking, so make sure you handle each detail carefully in order to benefit from successful responses from the government, and to relocate in a short period of time.

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