Essential Garden Lighting and Makeover Tips

It is probably fair to say that most homeowners in the UK can quite easily imagine the garden of their dreams. If you are so lucky to have a garden, chances are you would have a good idea of how you’d like the garden to look if you had all the money and time in the world to invest in it. Sadly, money and time tend to be resources the large majority of us just do not have in abundance…or even in small measures, in most cases.

The good news nevertheless is that just like the interior of the home, there are many ways and means the garden and your home’s exterior in general could be transformed without necessarily spending a fortune. It is a case of balancing common sense with ambition and considering the small changes that can add up to the biggest differences.

Here is a short overview of a several examples of the kinds of things that could really transform a garden for minimal expense:

1 – Appropriate General Lighting

According to the experts in filament designer lighting, there is absolutely nothing that could enhance the appeal of an exterior living space quite like appropriate lighting. The simple fact of the matter is that the moment you install your general lighting to illuminate the garden during the hours of darkness, you immediately extend its overall practicality and usability. We might not be blessed with warm weather year round in the United Kingdom, but to extend the usability of a garden beyond dusk with a few lighting fixtures really could transform its appeal in the most wonderful way.

2 – Smart Feature Lighting

Still on the same topic, another hugely effective approach to lighting is that of using small, strategically arranged lights to illuminate specific areas of the garden. If for instance there are some elements of the garden you are prouder of than others, it is quite remarkable how lighting up these features can transform the whole garden in general. From fountains to ponds to birdbaths, to the patio, think about adding some light to the most appealing features of your garden and you won’t believe the difference it makes to the home’s exterior aesthetic.

3 – Go Minimalistic

The problem with overcrowded and overcomplicated gardens is the way in which they need so much effort and time to keep them looking their very best. Needless to say, investing the necessary effort and time is easy to intend to do, but quite difficult to in fact go through with. And when they get neglected, complicated gardens immediately fall into a state of disorder and disarray. This tends to be precisely the time when their owners lose interest, having convinced themselves they are fighting a losing battle. Put simply therefore, minimalism and simplicity could in fact be an excellent way to go. In terms of saving time, money and minimising the efforts you have to put into a truly enjoyable and elegant garden, keeping things simple and stripped-back is the best way of going about it.

4 – Perfect Paving

While the idea of having a go at paving…or wooden decking…may sound a bit expensive and extreme, it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of breathing completely new life into your garden. Naturally, these transformations take some time to really go about and need a good investment of hard work. Nonetheless, get it right with a decking or paving endeavour and what you’re looking at is a one-time-only project which will then minimise all expenses and efforts needed from thereon in. When you think about the fact that a paved patio can serve you for several decades, it is really hard to dispute the value for money.

5 – Pre-Loved Furniture

Last up, it is probably safe to say that in terms of the furniture and accessories you need in your garden, you will not be expecting them to stay in completely perfect and pristine condition for very long. Therefore, it makes sense to think about investing in second-hand garden furniture and anything else you will need outdoors, as chances are that within days of installing your brand new bits and pieces, they will look and feel pre-loved anyway!



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