Eight Ways to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption in the New Year


Contrary to common assumption, it is not only the heaviest drinkers that can benefit from reducing alcohol consumption at least a little. To the contrary in fact, as studies suggest that the large majority of British adults overstep the mark on a regular basis when it comes to daily and weekly alcohol consumption. The simple fact is that while modest and very careful alcohol consumption may not be harmful, excessive intake could have an extremely detrimental effect on the human body.

Which is exactly why the professionals are urging the public in general to become more proactive and thoughtful when it comes to drinking alcohol. The way they see it, you do not have to find yourself in a situation where you’re looking for alcohol rehab clinics before even thinking about cutting down a little. Additionally, reducing alcohol consumption for the long term does not have to be as difficult or painful a task as it might seem on the surface.

Here is a short overview of eight tips from the professionals on how to start making a difference in the new year:

1 – Break the Habit

One of the most important things to do is to seriously consider whether your current drinking levels represent part of a habit that you have found yourself following. For instance, if your present habit sees you without much thought opening a bottle of wine or a few beers every evening, make specific efforts to break the cycle. It might be difficult to do in the beginning, but once you build yourself some more proactive and health-focused habits, you will find the rest takes care of itself.   

2 – Small Sips

Another highly effective way of cutting down on alcohol intake is to break the habit of drinking alcohol like it’s a competition and instead try to enjoy what it is you’re consuming. For instance, if you currently drink 6 to 8 cans of lager in one quick sitting, why not think about cutting down to two or three cans of something that is significantly more enjoyable? Drinking alcohol you don’t particularly enjoy just for the sake of getting drunk doesn’t really make a great deal of sense.

3 – Small Measures

A quick but useful tip, one of the easiest methods of cutting down on alcohol intake is to proactively use smaller vessels and measures. If for instance you currently seek huge 660 ml beer bottles, you can make a huge difference just by reducing the bottle size and trying to drink more slowly. The same is also true for people who favour mixers and spirits – stepping down from big double measures to single ones won’t affect the flavour, but will do your wellbeing and health a world of good.

4 – Stop Stocking

There are no two ways about it – if you have a huge stock of alcohol drinks around the house, you’re bound to consume it on a regular basis. It is the kind of temptation that is just too much for the large majority of people, so if you’re really intent on reducing alcohol intake, try to keep your home alcohol-free for some time.

5 – Warm Beer

The same is also true for temperature, as if you have a great stockpile of ice-cold beers waiting for you in the fridge, you’re far more likely to open a few than if they were somewhere else at room temperature. Reducing temptation around the house is crucial.

6 – Start Budgeting

Another highly effective tip for cutting down on alcohol is to allow yourself a specific amount of money each month and make sure you don’t exceed it under no circumstances. That said, it will not be especially helpful if you meticulously and deliberately planned your budget in a way that makes sure every penny is spent on cheap alcohol just in order to make it go further.



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