Do you want to have a better life? Ask for financial support!

France is not only the country which is famous for its large number of touristic attractions such as Eiffel Tower or Notre Dames from Paris, for its tasty omelet with cheese or for its French fries, but also for the fact that the social system encourages people to have a better life. So, even if you are a habitant of France or a person who is intending to become part of this nation, you have to know that their system is very well-organized and when you feel like you cannot handle the economic situation because of the spending, you can try to ask for help of a social foundation.


What type of help can a French Government provide you if you live in France?


Firstly, you can ask for financial support for your family. If you have more than one child, you probably know how many sacrifices you have to do in order to offer him the best living conditions. A child needs healthy food, clothes, toys, schools supplies and more, but it can prove very difficult to cover all the spending. So, if you want, you can make a requirement for a family support, by going to the CAF. You can use the words “adresse caf 93”, if you want to find more about this subject.


Secondly, those who have to confront with disabilities that don’t allow them to have a normal life should definitely ask for help. They can receive some money, in order to buy themselves a house or even for finding some methods of studying. For example, even if they have to spend their life in a wheelchair it doesn’t mean that they have to give up and refuse to study or work. We live in modern times when technology has evolved a lot and its role is to improve everybody’s life, including those who have to face some medical issues.


Thirdly, even the students have some benefits in France. For example, those who study in France can benefit from help when it comes to getting a house. When you are young, it’s very difficult to find a job that can help you saving the necessary budget for buying a house. Not to mention the fact that usually the apartments are very expensive, especially if they are located in a good part of the city. So, French foundations such as CAF 93 supports the young ones and offers them the possibility to ask for a certain amount of money, in order to buy themselves their first home, without asking for the help of parents.

The necessary conditions for benefiting from help


There are, however, some conditions that you have to respect, if you want to benefit from the help of the French State. For example, the family support is applied in the case of numerous families which have an income which is lower than the limit imposed by the normal limit.


If you ask for the financial support which is offered for those who are part of the category of persons with disabilities, you have to bring some medical records that can prove your health issues.


The condition for the young ones who want to benefit from a certain amount of money in order to buy themselves a home is that they have to show that they don’t have the necessary income to do it and that this is the first house in which they decide to invest.

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