Investigating Homes for Mold – Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Buildings

When humidity levels get out of control, the risk for mold emerges. With its appearance, there are two factors you worry about as it poses a great influence on them – the state of your health and the integrity of the building. But how do you distinguish when there is a reason to worry about the appearance of mold, and when there are just simple spikes in humidity levels indoors? For that matter, why is moisture so common in buildings to begin with? Learn everything you need to know about this pressing matter in the following.

What are the roots of moisture problems?

Problems arise at the moment when excess moisture occurs or when it is trapped inside a part of the building which normally should be dry. Regardless of the type of structure that we are referring to, whether it is new or old, high humidity can still become an issue due to various factors, like faulty construction practices, poor design, even poor maintenance. Some of the decisions related to construction, design, and maintenance which lead to moisture becoming an issue are:

  • Poorly designed enclosures and drainage systems;
  • Installing of wet materials when constructing the building;
  • Inadequate maintenance of materials and various equipment;
  • Placement on a site that does not allow drainage to be done properly;
  • Using materials that are sensitive to moisture;
  • Lack of humidity control devices that could help tame the issue in the first place.
Humidity control measures

Humidity control devices and measures are necessary to incorporate when designing a building as they save you a lot of trouble later. Obviously, they prevent structural damage to the building and ensure a safe habitat for you. The most effective moisture control measures to take are:

  1. Make sure to set up proper drainage planes when you start constructing the building;
  2. Dehumidifiers that will tend to lower moisture to proper levels when it rises;
  3. Effective weatherproofing – be careful with insulation and with the construction of the roof;
  4. Install proper condensation drainage systems.

Problems which arise alongside high moisture levels

At one point, all buildings, regardless of their position and how well they have been built, will face moisture issues at a certain level of severity. All that you can do is keep a close eye on the signs that humidity levels are rising dangerously and tame them before it is too late and mold settles. As humidity rises, there are inevitable issues which arise alongside it:

  • The appearance of mold which inevitably leads to respiratory issues when not dealt with in time. For those who suffer from asthma or allergies, mold spores lingering in the air is even more hazardous than for a normal healthy individual as health implications are more severe.
  • Bacteria, mold, insect pests, and other unwanted guests colonize building materials and HVAC systems.
  • Construction materials that are water-soluble, like gypsum board, for example, can return to solution.
  • Wood materials begin to decay – they start to rot, warp, or swell.
  • Roofing and flooring adhesives start to fail.

Signs that a building has mold issues

While mold is sometimes easy to discover as the moisture issues are obvious, this is not the case all the time. Yes, you might be able to track plumbing leaks and sewer backups, and you might even have the needed knowledge to handle these problems, but there are hidden signs you must keep an eye out for. Regardless of their nature, whether it is obvious or hidden to the untrained eye, here is a complete list of signs which might clue you into high humidity levels that have already lead or could lead to the appearance of mold:

  1. Musty smellsCommon mold strains emit a characteristic smell which is hard to ignore. Thus, when you do feel a musty, moldy smell inside the house or only in a specific area, chances are that indeed mold has started making an appearance and you should search for its location to eradicate it.
  2. Visible mold growth – The most obvious indicator of mold invasion is mold growth. As it can basically grow anywhere there’s water, regularly check spaces like the bathroom and the basement. To sum it up, if there are areas of the building where moisture grows fast and there is no humidity reduction measure set in place there, chances are that mold has already made an appearance.
  3. Excessive condensation – When condensation appears on surfaces like walls, counters, and appliances, you should start looking for mold as well. Another clear indicator that mold is a guest inside your home is fog or water beading on interior windows.
  4. Affected building materials – When seasons change and you observe a sudden degradation of certain building materials, it is definitely caused by high moisture. Since mold and mildew go hand in hand with high humidity, as you notice that building materials have been damaged, chances are that you most likely have mold spores lingering in the air as well. The most common materials to be affected and which we recommend you look out for are cracked bricks or cracked concrete.
  5. Water – If water puddles form, this is usually caused by a leak or another type of structural issue with the building. When it does appear, make sure to dry the area out as soon as possible, preferably during the first 48 hours since its appearance as mold can grow quite fast.
  6. Health symptoms Those who suffer from allergies or asthma are the first to notice when mold or mildew appear inside a building as certain symptoms almost instantly appear. These symptoms include coughing, headaches, wheezing, and irritation of the eyes. However, healthy individuals can have these issues as well, so if you find yourself suddenly having headaches when you are at home, headaches which persist only when you are inside that building, it is most likely that mold contamination has occurred.

Why Robotic Pool Cleaners Are A Must Have For Pool Owners

Robotic pool cleaners are pretty expensive, a fact that scares a lot of pool owners. But with the wide variety of benefits that these robotic devices offer, it’s hard to imagine cleaning the pool without them. If you want to find out which are the reasons why robotic pool cleaners are a must have for pool owners in order to decide whether you should buy one or not, read the following lines.

They clean the entire pool without needing your help

What makes robotic pool cleaners so popular despite their high price is the fact that they clean the pool without needing help. Therefore, while this robotic cleaning device tends to filter the water in your pool and cleaning the pool’s surfaces of debris, you can lay back and relax. This is especially great for those who don’t have a lot of free time to enjoy, cleaning the pool being the last thing that they want to do when they arrive home from work or in the weekend. If you read some automatic pool cleaner reviews on, you will see that the best-rated pool cleaning robots can clean not only the floor but also the walls and the waterline of the pool, and a few select models can even climb steps and navigate obstacles, so they don’t require any effort on your part.

As such, we recommend the Premier 2016 Dolphin as being one of the best choices available on the market. According to the information provided in the dolphin premier review, this innovative pool cleaner uses not one but 4 different types of media to perform the optimal cleaning of your pool water. Thanks to the powerful motor that sucks in debris and the pool scanning feature, the cleaning is done in an organized way to prevent power waste and to ensure every inch of the pool remains clean.

They help prolong the life of the pool’s main filtration system

Robotic pool cleaners help prolong the life of the pool’s main filtration system due to the fact that they effectively remove the debris from the pool’s water and surfaces, leaving little work for the filtration system. Also, they don’t rely on the main filtration system at all to operate, further helping prolong the system’s life.

They reduce the need for adding chemicals to the pool

The pool’s water needs to be super-chlorinated once per week for the harmful bacteria and germs that reside in it not to harm the people that use the pool. The need for chemicals in home pools is normally extremely high. But if you have a robotic pool cleaner, this need will be reduced considerably due to the fact that the device will effectively filter and remove the germs and bacteria that reside in the pool’s water.

They are energy efficient

As opposed to the main pool filtration system that consumes a lot of energy to run, the robotic pool cleaners cost less than 5 cents per hour to operate. This makes them an energy efficient option to go with, being ideal for those who want to cut back on their bills and those who care for the environment.

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What to Look for in a Quality Gas Grill

The perfect addition to any backyard is a gas grill. With it, you can prepare amazing barbecues when the weekend comes, or when you’re throwing parties. But a gas grill can be a pretty large investment, and you must make sure that the model you choose is of a great quality to not spend your money badly. In case you want to learn what you must look for in order to find a quality grill, read the following lines.


A quality gas grill is one that will last you for years. The materials, the thickness of the metals, and the quality of the parts put into the manufacture of the gas grill play a major role in how long it will actually last. However, for the gas grill to have a long lifespan, you must take care of it as well. Therefore, make sure that you cover the gas grill when the bad weather comes, and that you clean it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you won’t get to enjoy it for too long.


A quality gas grill is one that will suit your specific needs. Therefore, you must look for a grill that can accommodate the quantity of food that you want to prepare with it at once. In case you want to prepare food for a lot of people, and you intend to host a lot of parties, look for a big gas grill that can cook about 40 burgers at a time. If you want to use it only to prepare food for your family, then you can go with a smaller model when it comes to size. Also, consider the space that you have available for the unit. Otherwise, you might find that you won’t be able to fit it where you want.


Another factor that determines whether a certain model is of a great quality or not is the BTU rating. The BTU rating is a measurement of the amount of heat that it created by the burner. Don’t think that a grill that has a higher BTU rating is necessarily able to produce more heat. It’s important to look into how well the gas grill actually distributes the heat that it produces, and how well it holds it too.


To purchase a quality grill, you have to make sure that it has the features that you desire. The most important features and the ones that you should look for are multiple level cooking surfaces, a side burner, lights, a smoker box, and a rotisserie burner. If the model that you choose has these features, you can safely say that you made a complete and smart purchase for sure.

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Best Rated Electric Lawn Mowers of the Moment

To take proper care of your lawn, you must use a good lawn mower. In case you want to find out which are the best electric lawn mowers available right now, that will provide with the perfect mow, read the following lines.

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 25302

For the price of $350, you can take care of the grass that is growing on your lawn with the help of the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 25302 cordless electric lawn mower. It comes with 2 batteries that last up to 70 minutes on a full charge. It’s designed for lawns of medium and large size. The 20-inch wide cutting deck of this lawn mower allows you to mow fast and efficient. The height-adjustment lever lets you choose from the 5 cutting heights to give your lawn a smooth, even look. The automatic power-adjusting system of the unit monitors the power needed to cut your lawn and it adjusts the battery accordingly to extend the mower’s run time. Also, the engine of the unit directs extra power to the dual blades to make quick work of thick grass when it encounters it.


Another great electric lawn mower that you can have for the price of $450 is the EGO LM2101SP model. The battery of this model takes only 40 minutes to recharge. It comes equipped with a 56V lithium-ion battery that provides with up to 60 minutes of continuous operation. The unit has a battery indicator that allows you to check on the life of the battery as you mow. This lawn mower is designed for large sized yards that span up to a third of an acre. The generous 21-inch wide cutting deck ensures that you will be done with mowing the lawn in no time. The cutting heights that the unit offers vary between 1.5 inches and 4 inches. The cutting deck height can easily be adjusted with the push of a lever. In addition, for your convenience, this electric lawn mower starts up with the simple push of a button.

Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower RY40140

The last model that we are going to talk about is the Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower RY40140 that you can purchase for the price of $300. It comes with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that will last for 40 minutes of continuous operation. You can recharge the batteries to full capacity in up to 90 minutes. This model is ideal for lawns that span up to 1/4 of an acre. It offers a 16-inch cutting deck. Also, it has 5 cutting height positions that you can choose from. The unit starts running instantly after you press a button. It’s environmentally friendly due to the fact that it doesn’t emit any noxious fumes. In addition, the unit weighs only 42 pounds, a fact that makes it easy to maneuver.

If you want to learn more about the lawn mowers presented above and their direct competitors, go to and read some lawn mower reviews. Based on those reviews, compare the pros and cons of the best rated mowers and choose whichever one best serves your needs.

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Garage Door Openers with Advanced Security Features

Are you looking for a great garage door opener that will ensure the security and protection of your garage? Then read the following lines to learn what garage door opener is best, and choose one of the models that we will describe here because they all have advanced security features.

Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive

To purchase the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive garage door opener you will have to spend $275. The 3/4 HP motor of this model enables it to open heavy doors. For your convenience, the garage door opener features an integrated backup battery that supplies the unit with up to 20 opening cycles over a 24-hour outage period. The most important advanced security feature that made us include this model on our list is the fact that it’s compatible with the MyQ automation system. This is a transmitter and receiver that allows you to control your garage door. Due to the fact that the garage door opener is compatible with the MyQ system, it allows you to control it remotely, from the comfort of your own car. Another advanced security feature that this model has to offer is the fact that it employs a rolling code system. This makes it impossible for anyone to break the code and enter your garage. Also, it features an automatic stop and reverse function that ensures the garage door won’t ever close on an object or a person.

LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series

The LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series garage door opener can be yours for the price of $215. It uses a 3/4 HP motor that enables it to lift the heaviest of garage doors. One of the many advanced security features that make this model a great choice to go with is the timer-to-close feature. This enables you to set the garage door to close after a set period of time that ranges between one and 99 minutes. It’s a feature that comes in handy for those who are forgetful. The unit comes with a backup battery that allows it to function up to 40 times in case there is a power outage. Another important feature that this model offers is the infrared beam that doesn’t allow the door to close on an object or a person. In addition, it uses the performant Security+ 2.0 system to ensure increased security. This system rolls over a billion codes each time the door is opened to ensure that no one will be able to break in.

Craftsman 3/4 HP Chain Drive 54990

To purchase the Craftsman 3/4 HP Chain Drive 54990 garage door opener, you will have to spend only $180. What makes this model appear on our list of garage door openers with advanced security features is the fact that it offers the lock mode feature. This feature will completely disable the remote controls that come with the garage door opener in case you lose them. Due to the fact that the remotes won’t be functional, in case someone puts their hands on them they won’t be able to access your garage. Also, it comes with a keyless entry number pad that will allow you to open and close the door without putting any effort in it yourself. This keyless entry number pad is impossible to hack. In addition, just like the other models that we have mentioned before, the 54990 model features the useful infrared beam feature that ensures the door won’t close on anything or anyone.

As you can see, all of these garage door openers are great. Nevertheless, they all have their pros and cons. Deciding what garage door opener is best is a matter which depends on your budget and on your particular needs.

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